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My group of 4 people waited 3 months to receive our New York IDs and they are complete GARBAGE quality!

The cards are all gray colored and the laminates are cloudy and falling apart. There's white residue on the front. RGF cut them out crooked too.

We had to keep rewiring the money to RGF 3 times and we had to pay for the fees every time. The IDs didn't pass when we tried them at 2 bars last night.

Total waste of money. We even paid extra for overnight delivery and it took 3 months!

RGF is a scam.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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AWesome IFD


they are so *** they make youtube videos with random accounts (as easy as making a random email account and then a yt like anyone can have more than one account so easily) and they use a REAL ny id they cover photo and and info but they are "reviewing" a LEGIT id saying is a fake that they got from RGF to make it look like a trusty site.They just use different people "reviewing" same stuff.

Isnt weird that ALL of the youtubers that post a video reviewing they only have that video on their account and not even a photo n their profile picture!

lmao just dig a little bit and its very obvious.STAY AWAY FROM THEM


I agree completely!my ID was absolute trash.

Not only did I pay for it to be express made and shipped so I'd have it in a week or less; then waited over a month for it to arrive! But the ID was not good in quality!

Also the company sent me like 100 emails making promises of it coming in the mail the next day then taking it back and having to wait longer!DO NOT ORDER ID'S FROM THEM!


I agree that this site is a scam.I heard that it used to be legitimate, but as of April, 2014, it is not.

For the first 2 months they pretended that they were planning to send it, and continued to make excuses.

After that, they stopped even pretending that my ID was coming.Stay away from this site.

to Anonymous #819687

how can you confirm that you're just not RGF competitors?


I agree, really good fakes is ***.I ordered an id a month ago and still didn't receive it.

They make up a ton of excuses and still don't come through.Please people save your money and do not order from this *** sight.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #778829

never sent fake COMPLETE SCAM. they've been ignoring my emails.

It's been 4 months and they haven't answered at all.

to ugh #1075410

I'm from Pittsburgh and I need a legit fake ID can anyone help me?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #699536

LOST 220 dollars from these SCUMBAGS!!Paid over night shipping its been 15 days NOTHING!

Havnt answered me in about 8 to 9 days. Really wish I went somewhere else.

I'm posting on every site how much of a scam they are until I get y id or money.Rot in ***


Legit ***. all I have to say. Took longer than I'd like, I must admit, but *** I am pleased.

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